We are about building what you, the customer, wants built and how. Old Spanish Style, Clean Cut, Artistic, Rugged, Dream World, and more, are all styles of creation. With the mixture of stone style, stone choice, your vision and the mason to put it all together, you will find the final product is a true gift for your property.

Elemental Stone Works strives for High Quality. What we mean by High Quality is shown through the word Elemental, where the stone almost comes alive. Where magic and good energy resonate out of it. How does this happen with stone and its mason? It starts with our choice to want to create something durable, exemplary, and special. Every project and every stone is important.

After working with my Mentor Chris Prendergast, I had the opportunity to slow down and learn the beauty and magic of each piece and a hundred different ways to incorporate that in developing an estate. Building, and doing the job correctly the first time is our top priority and takes levels of attentiveness and focus, however the next priority is based off of love and passion, making the stone product look and feel like it belongs to your household.

Feel open for imaginative ideas and creations if you would like. Regardless the job will get done with the same love and hard work that I’d do for my own family.